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10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Beer Geek in Your Life

Casandra Campbell

Two women hugging and holding bottles of beer

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and, let's face it, you probably still haven't figured out what to get your better half. Flowers and chocolate? Too cliché. Dinner at a fancy restaurant? Always a letdown. 

This year, why not appeal to your significant other's interest in beer. There are many great gift ideas for beer geeks on the market and you'll get bonus points for doing better than a generic, impersonal gift.

Here are 10 gift ideas for beer geeks to help you get started.

1. Brewery Swag 

Sure we love to try new beers but every beer nerd has at least one brewery they keep going back to. Pick up some swag from your partner's favourite brewery—like this Liberty Village Brewing Co. pullover. They'll think about you every time they wear it!

2. Tasting Beer: An Insider's Guide to the World's Greatest Drink

Whether you like to read or not, Randy Mosher's guide to tasting beer makes a great gift. It's full of solid insight for anyone who wants to read it cover to cover, but standalone sections with lots of imagery also make it a great coffee table book.

Book cover of Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher

3. Beer Tour

Events or experiences always make great gifts—especially for people who are difficult to shop for. Book a neighbourhood beer tour for you and your significant other. It's a great way to visit local breweries, try new beers, learn more about the brewing process, and meet other beer nerds.

Beer Tours logo

4. All About Beer Card Deck

Sitting around drinking beer often begets playing cards. This beer card deck not only works for poker and other common card games, but it doubles as beer flash cards. Each one has an interesting fact related to beer so you can learn while you play. 

Photo of both sides of Beer Deck cards

5. Education

If your partner in crime wants to learn more about beer, there are lots of classes and education programs they can get involved in. Certified Beer Server is the first level of the Cicerone program and useful for anyone who wants to become a Master Cicerone or learn more about beer—not just servers. 

Cicerone Beer Server Certification logo

6. Beer Bar Gift Certificate

A night out at a great beer bar is always fun but it can also get expensive. Surprise your beer nerd with a gift certificate to their favourite watering hole. Since they'll probably bring you along for a night of sampling, you're helping yourself too!

Sample sized beer glasses toasting

7. Beer Towel

This beer towel is perfect for people who love the beach and beer—and aren't afraid to make their interest in beer known. Decorated with an infographic full of facts about beer, it's bound to attract some attention. Who knows, maybe you two will make a few new beer friends as a result. 

Photo of the Beer Towel

8. Beer Soap

Adding beer to soap creates a great lather, leaving your skin smooth and squeaky clean. Plus they smell great! Big Bear Soap Co. makes a variety of beer soaps, using from local Toronto craft beer as an ingredient. It's an especially nice gift if you're not looking to spend very much money.

Photo of pile of three bars of beer soap

9. Wooden Beer Caddy

It may be a bit too cold outside to think about park hangs right now, but this wooden beer caddy still makes a practical gift. Whether you're heading to a house party, a bottle share, or beach day, this caddy is a great way to travel with beer.

Wooden beer caddy with the word "beer" carved out of the side.

10. Off-Flavour Tasting Kit

Off-flavour kits are perfect if your special someone is extra geeky. They can help beer tasters level up their skills by teaching them to detect all of the things that can go wrong with the brewing process. Once you know how to taste these off-flavours, you can provide actionable feedback for brewers, and impress (or annoy) your friends with your sophisticated palate.

Essential Off-Flavor Kit

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